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Marijuana Dispensary Processing

Get approved for a pin-debit processing account for recreational & medical marijuana dispensaries

Boarding New Clients Now!

Meet Dr. Dixon

Payment Processing services for Marijuana Dispensaries is here!

Nuvo Merchant Services offers a worry-free solution to your cash - and cash alternative - issues:


  • Works the same as a standard merchant account - your consumers use their current debit card

  • US Bank Sponsored 

  • 24hr funding

  • No upfront fees - the first terminal is at no cost

  • No apps for your customers to download - simple for you and your customers

  • No need for cash to be exchanged - EVER

  • No Risk!

Stop using unreliable solutions such as Cashless ATM's and cumbersome apps!

The Benefits are Clear!

  • Less cash

  • Larger transaction opportunities with the card

  • No concerns over legality

  • Simple, Secure and 100% Compliant

Contact Us Today to Get Started!

Applicants will be contacted to set up their merchant accounts by a member of our team


Domestic Bank

US based pin-debit processing only!

30 Day approvals

Once approved, your account can take as little as 24 hours to become active and able to process payments.


We are able to provide retail terminals and mobile terminals for deliveries!

Recreatinal and Medical Dispensaries approved

As long as marijuana is legal in your state, we cna get you approved!

Questions? Contact us today.

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